So Big News Around Here!!! I've taken the plunge and made a change in direction for my business. I'm very excited to announce that as of now my business name has changed from Salvage Style to The Jitterbug Shop!

In life and business, it's always important to keep expanding your goals and I've come to realize that although I absolutely love what Salvage Style represented - the reinvention of vintage found goods into new and creative products - I wanted to present a name and face to the world that says more than I felt I could with Salvage Style.

The Jitterbug Shop evokes an era where people danced to fun Jazz music and women were experiencing freedoms to express themselves in ways they couldn’t before. Any of you who know me will realize the connection. Rarely a day goes by when I don't have my vintage turntable spinning old classics! As I move forward, my newly defined style will evoke a 1920’s/30’s flavour, and will feature many images of stylish flapper women and sweet images of children, celebrating life and dancing and singing and playing on the beach… But mostly, The Jitterbug Shop is a fun name! I hope you like it!

Over the next year I plan on developing my own product line of vintage-inspired home decor and art. When you find me throughout the upcoming market season you see how I incorporate these new fresh products into my well-edited collection of vintage treasures.

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I have updated my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages to reflect this change. The only account I have had to build from scratch is my business Facebook page. I hope you will be one of the first to pop over to and “ Like and Share” this page! My website will forward automatically to I will soon be launching an expanded online shop filled with my own designs as well my latest vintage finds. I will also allow you a peek into my world with an expanded Blog and Photo Gallery!

I want to shout out a big Thank You to everyone who supported Salvage Style and I hope you will check back soon to see what I'm up to!

Please change my contact info to

Cheers, Jeanne