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This lovely FAMILY TREE design is easy to customize! Just print this page from my website and fill in the blank spaces on each ‘leaf’ of the design below. You can use my suggested name placement as above, or fill in the blanks as you see fit. Note that you don’t need to fill every leaf.

If you want me to add more leaves to this design, or if you are worried about one side of the tree being more ‘full’ than another, please
send me a message asking for help. Keep in mind that we can make the writing a bit smaller so more than one name can be on each leaf - or I can rearrange the leaves a bit so it has a less structured look and lets the shape of your family give the tree a unique personality.

Please note that I will keep your design on file and can always reprint it in the future with added ‘leaves’ if you add more people to your family. You may also consider that the canvas is easy to write on with a felt pen, so you can always add another name onto a blank leaf yourself.

The cost for an 11” x 14” canvas family tree including your family names is $75.00 plus taxes. For the same price, I can also print the image onto paper or onto canvas which you can simply frame as you choose. If you want to order a few copies for family members, each subsequent print of the same design is $39.00 plus taxes. If your family tree is very complicated and will therefore take me an extra long time to rearrange the design, I will charge an extra $25-$50 for my time, but we can discuss that before we begin. Please note that the print will be wrapped onto a .75” deep wooden canvas support. If you’d like a larger print, please let me know and we can discuss the price options.

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